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Is happening in the Lawrence family!!!!! A brief respite from the China updating to announce that my sister Ms. Alexis Carey Lawrence is engaged (to Mr. JP Craford)!! We offer all our congratulations from the Far East and propose an online toast to you both. Please find a beverage wherever you may be, and drink to their happiness.

Lex and JP!

Lex and JP!

Seriously, I am incredibly happy for you both, and JP could not have imagined a better addition to our family.

In case you were wondering this all happened when I was in Nepal or perhaps Tibet or a cross-continental train, so I found out a little late and only after I thought there was a death in the family from all the emails I got telling me to call home as soon as possible. I was very relieved to discover otherwise.

Monkey Temple

Monkey temple

One of my favorite activities in all of our Nepal adventures was our trip to the Vajrayogini Temple. Lonely Planet lists it as one of their favorite spots so we thought it might be worth a trip. (They described it as a hidden temple full of fountains and chattering monkeys — who wouldn’t want to go?)

At first we planned to bike out of Kathmandu to the village of Sankhu, above which the temple lies, but a nasty stomach bug kept my activity level low for the duration of our stay in Nepal so we decided to have an adventure with the local bus system. With the help of a local taxi driver we navigated through the streets of Kathmandu to the bus station — basically a dusty lot filled to the brim with even dustier buses. We wandered the lot repeating our destination to everyone we could find until someone pointed us to a bus that was supposedly heading towards Sankhu. We climbed aboard.

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